Saturday, 1 June 2013

OLAY Total Effect Night Firming Moisturizer Vs Pond's Age Miracle Cream

Today I am going to compare two anti ageing creams, both my mother and I use anti ageing products .She uses it because she is in her fifties and she has a few wrinkles and fines lines on her face and her skin also needs tightening .I use it because I believe prevention is better than cure :) and also a  few dark spots started to appear on my cheek so I thought it's time to use something that would reduce these.


My mother and I have been using the Pond's age miracle cream for about one and a half year now and both of us are satisfied with it's result but the only problem we have is that we have dry skin and it does not provide enough moisture to our skin and we have to use a separate moisturizer for that so after seeing Olay's ads on TV channels we decided to give this  a try  as it claims to do these 7 things to skin
 1.  Reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles
2.  Give a radiant, healthy glow
3.  Balances color & reduce appearance of age spots
4. Smooth and even skin texture
5.  Minimize the appearance of pores
6.  Help prevent damage to skin’s surface
7. Hydrate for firmer skin appearance

 PACKAGING: packaging wise Olay Total Effect is the winner it comes in 50 ml light weight plastic bottle which has a pump at the top it is travel friendly and I can easily control the amount of product I need through the pump.


  Pond's Age Miracle comes in a 50 ml light pink glass jar  which is quite heavy and I have to dip my finger every time I need to apply it which is a bit unhygienic and since it is a glass jar I have to handle it very carefully

COLOR & CONSISTENCY : Olay Total Effect is a white colored light weight cream which absorbs very quickly .Pond's age miracle is a light pale pink cream which has a thick consistency but it also absorbs easily, both these creams have a mild pleasant fragrance which fades away after 15 or 20 minutes.

 OLAY Total Effect

          Pond's age miracle

now let's talk about what results my mother and I achieved through these creams.We have been using Pond's age miracle for one and a half years  now, we are satisfied with it's result it does what it claims.  After using only one jar of Pond's age miracle we saw a visible reduction in my mother's fine lines and her skin looked more radiant and soft  so she continued using it and  in these one and a half years her wrinkles have reduced a lot , her skin looks more firm and does not look saggy.I started using it because 3 dark spots appeared on my left cheek  although I was using my sunscreen at that time .Pond's age miracle claimed to reduce dark spots  and it has SPF 15 PA ++  which means it protects against both UVA and UVB and as all of us know dark spots usually appear due to exposure to harmful sun rays. I used it along with my sunscreen and it prevented the appearance of other dark spots on my skin but it did not help much with the 3 dark spots that  already appeared on my cheek they lightened only a tiny bit  but I have recently found another product which  has lightened them a lot I will review that one soon.As I saw it reduced my mother's fine lines and wrinkles so I decided to use it regularly as I am in my twenties and it's time I should start using anti ageing produts and Pond's age miracle has CLA4 a combination of 4 anti ageing ingredients
CLA , AHA, Retinol and Retinol Boosters
Retinol and AHA ( alpha hydroxy acids) are known as best anti ageing components
 as I mentioned before the only problem we have with this cream  is that we have dry skin and it does not provide much hydration to our skin so that's why we decided to try the Olay Total Effect cream so my we stopped using Pond's age miracle and started using Olay Total Effect.
Olay Total Effect moisturizes the skin very well my mother's skin looks really soft but unfortunately it did not reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and it did not firm her skin like Pond's age miracle also her skin did not look radiant as it looked when she was using Pond's so after the bottle was empty my mother went back to the Pond's age miracle as it appears more effective.When I used the Olay Total Effect I noticed that it moisturizes my skin really we, one of its claim was to minimize the pores in my opinion it is true I have a few  pores on my cheek and  nose area and I have not noticed any  difference in them after using one bottle of the Olay Total Effect.
If you want to use an anti ageing cream that reduces fine lines and firm your skin I would advise you to try the Pond's age miracle , it will also make your skin look radiant, if you have normal or oily skin  it will provide you enough moisture but for gilrs with dry skin like us, to make it work for you first apply your normal moisturizer on your skin then apply Pond's age miracle over it .In this way your skin will be well moisturized and you will get all the anti ageing effects of this cream.
As far as Olay Total Effect I would say it is a very good moisturizing cream but it's not very effective if you want to use it as an anti ageing cream.I saw the ingredients list on it's package and I could not find any anti ageing components like AHA or Retinol on the list  it mostly contains Glycerine,  Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E maybe that is why it is not very effective as an anti ageing cream but works well for moisturizing the skin.
I hope this comparison of creams was helpful I wanted to share it with you because sooner or later every girls needs to incorporate anti ageing products in her skin care routine so I thought I would suggest something that has worked well for my mother.
Take Care xx



  1. I tried Olay Total Effects and looks really cool product sweetie!
    Thanks for the review!

    1. @Sakuranko Yes, it is good for moisturizing but for anti ageing effect I think the Pond's is more effective at least from what I have seen on my mother.Thanks for liking the review xx

  2. I was an Olay user for more than 5 years yet I decided to try Ponds (Gold Radiance). I finished already the tub and was thinking of going back to Olay. I think, I would try Pond's Age Miracle. Thanks for the review! =)

    1. @dred's Mild Soul yes, I would recommend pond's age miracle if you are looking for a good anti ageing cream at affordable price.I am glad you found my review helpful :)

  3. hello every one, i also use ponds gold radiance , ponds age miracle total range , ponds all range toooooooooooo good. i m trying olay night cream, but i am not feel good ,

    1. Hey Huma you are right Pond's age miracle range is good and effective

  4. Thanku so much Girl it was really very helpful for my Mom... but... I m in a confusion that whether i should start using Anti Ageing Cream now or I should wait more... I am 24 yrs old...

    1. You are welcome :) I am glad you found this post helpful.I would advise you to start using it now or when you turn 25 because dermatologists say your skin starts aging after 25 so in my opinion start to use it before any fine lines appear on your skin remember girl prevention is better than cure :)and it is also very affordable it will not be a burden on your pocket :)